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Big Changes

Big Changes

After 40 years of Mantra being run by the Moore family, the studio has now transitioned to a new owner, who is carrying on the legacy that Bob Moore once started.

Lewis Turner
Rose by Lewis Turner

James Cass, owner of Black Letter Tattoo has been passed the torch by Mark Moore after taking over the business from his Dad. Mark is now focusing his time on his new business, Adana Collective, selling antiques in Evesham.

With the pairing of studios, we’ll be seeing some of Black Letter’s resident and guest artists visiting. Lewis Turner will be joining the team two days a week, starting this month, bringing with him his unique traditional style. Lewis has a strong passion for street shop tattooing so you won’t just find him tattooing traditional, he’s regularly tackling geometric pieces and black and grey too. Chances are if you want something, Lewis has experience doing it. Black Letter has always aimed to be a no attitudes type of shop and so has Mantra. Just great quality, honest tattooing.

Darryll Richards Dotwork Sleeve
Dotwork sleeve by Darryll Richards

And what would Mantra be without Darryll Richards still being a massively important part of the team? His larger than life presence is key to the atmosphere in the shop. 16 years in, he is basically part of the furniture now.

Roni Tails has moved to Bristol so she won’t be part of the team anymore but we do hope to see her back for some guest spots in the near future.

These changes do mean we’re looking to fill some seats with some experienced full time or part-time tattooists though. We’re right in the middle of a huge renovation of the studio but have space for someone to start immediately. This could be an exciting opportunity for someone looking for a change of location but it’s not an apprenticeship position. If you think you’re right for the job, email us your portfolio and we’ll go from there!

We’re hoping the construction works won’t take too long and we are doing everything we can to avoid disrupting appointments so your bookings should remain unaffected. We will also be having the legendary Dapper Signs with us shortly to give us a fresh new exterior look.

As always, we appreciate any feedback our customers may have on their experience at Mantra and look forward to tattooing you. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in person or by dropping us an email or Facebook message!

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