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At Mantra, we were the first shop to start offering piercings in Cheltenham. Our resident piercer is highly experienced in all forms of piercings above the waist. From the more common, like ear piercing, through to surface piercings and micro dermal implants. Her primary aim is to provide a professional service and make clients feel as comfortable as possible, no matter what they’re having done.

Piercing Prices:

Naval piercings – £45
Nipple(s) piercings – £40/£60*
Lip piercings – £40
Tongue piercings – £45
Septum piercings – £40
Nose piercings – £40
Eyebrow piercings – £40
Ear cartilidge piercings – £40
Ear lobe(s) piercings – £20/£30*
Scaffold piercings – £45
Microdermal(s) piercings – £50/£80*

*Multiple piercing discounts only apply when done on the same customer.

Piercing Questions

Have any questions about piercings you need answering?

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